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Thursday, October 28, 2021

Time and Space

Our 22 month old daughter has a set of magnetic polygons which can be clicked together into various shapes. She enjoys them a lot, but so far hasn't really expanded into the third dimension with them. She'll stack them, and join them in flats, and can add missing faces on existing 3d shapes, but I have been waiting for the day she builds her first pyramid or cube.

Today while I was distracted with some reading, she walked up and handed me this:

Toddler stomachs operate in a different geometry.

She weighs about 20% of what we do, so I figured we would portion her about 20% of our portions. But it turns out that's not the case. It's more like 1:1. Except where steak is involved, in which case it's more like 2:1. We learned this the hard way when we sat with a couple of steaks and started cutting bites for her until all three of our plates were empty and we ourselves hadn't had a bite.

She can also eat a whole banana in one go, which again would be like me eating five, but I've learned not to question. We did discover, however, that bananas naturally split into lengthwise thirds. I feel somehow non-observant to have made it this far without knowing this.

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