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Sunday, May 29, 2016

Top This

Last night I was musing about telekinesis when the wind happened to blow the curtain in the direction I was day-dreamingly trying to move it with my mind. Humorously emboldened, I focused on the light switch to see if I could turn it off from accross the room.

The lights went out.

So, yeah, that was borderline creepy.

I went into the room next door where a friend was and told them what happened, and said (mostly joking) "watch this" as I squinted at the light switch accross the room. Nothing happened, though I thought maybe I saw it move a little. I say "mostly" joking because if you're going to test a hypothesis of this sort, however unlikely, you have to be all-in or you're not really testing it. I mean, if you actually had telekinesis but were too skeptical to honestly try to apply it, you'd never know you had it, or worse might even prove to yourself you didn't.

So with external mocking playfulness and internal seriousness, I cleared my mind of the need to not look silly and gave it one more serious go.

The switched flipped and the lights went out.

"Woh" we both said.

I looked around the dim room for another object to try to move and spotted a top on the table.


Clearly it had been there for a while. Still spinning.

At which point I realized it had all just been a dream.

Apparently my brain has adopted the totem concept from Inception (which is weird because I barely remember that movie).

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