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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Three Islands

Premise for a reality-TV show:

A singles cruise ship, of the old Barefoot Cruises style, carrying about 120 people, is "lost" at sea in the south Pacific, run aground on a small atoll in the night during a freak storm before sinking. In the calm of the morning, we find everyone accounted for, the sea lapping at their ankles as they survey their situation from the tidally transient atoll. They have managed to rescue three life rafts; and in the distance are three small islands. After much argument and debate, they decide to split up by political affiliation, with the democrats taking one island, the republicans another, and the libertarians (who happen to be over-represented at a full third of this particular cruise) the last.

Having been selected (for the show) as strong representatives of their respective affiliations, we watch how they survive on their respective islands for a year. At the end of the year, the audience votes on just one question: Which island would I want to live on?

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Simon Funk / simonfunk@gmail.com