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Monday, December 13, 2010


Writing an AI-related equaition on my whiteboard...

Using the notation ||v||...
Hmm, really should just always use a subscript for the degree of norm.
Would that be good in a programming language, or annoying?
Why is there a norm based on squares, anyway?
Has to do with the origins of geometry..
Which have to do with the (simple, linear!) way one coordinate transforms into another during rotations..
And with a different sign of same linear transform, you get time-like instead of space-like rotation...
Is time directional just because you can't rotate through a u-turn without going through infinity?
If so, then could you make a sort of mirror device which turns objects backwards in time?
If so, how would they interact with objects that were going forward in time?
Are anti-particles just regular particles going backward in time?
Is this why they annihilate to produce photons (which are in a sense timeless)?
Would energy and entropy have the same relationship in a randomly-initialized time-reversed universe?
If not, does that determine the directionality of time?

Oh, shit... what was that equation I was trying to work out again?

(Typical day at the office...)

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