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Monday, November 01, 2010

Mental Benchmarks

Try The 12 Pillars of Wisdom.

Don't even start unless you have half an hour to an hour to kill (and, ur, maybe not the best idea to start it at midnight like I did...) but it's a fairly well designed set of cognitive benchmarking tests. I was surprised at what I borked (Visual Attention, Mental Rotation(!), and Planning(!)) though I mostly borked the planning due to underestimating the difficultly and... not planning! My standouts were Visuospatial Processing (top 2%) and Spatial Working Memory (top 5%). Interesting to me that my relative score was so high on Visuospatial--that one seemed totally trivial to me (i.e., I wouldn't have guessed it was hard for others). On the rest I was average to somewhat above (top 50% to top 16% or so), nothing spectacular after averaging in the three I borked. :) I wish I'd done this at 18 too so I could compare results.

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