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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Jumpin' Willybeans!

I was just attacked by a cockroach. No, really.

I'm sitting here in a dimly lit room catching up on web stuff, and a HUGE cockroach just walks right out onto the middle of my screen. I'm sitting here stunned by this, marveling at the size of it, and it is twisting its head up and marveling, apparently, at the size of me. And I'm thinkin' hey, I don't like the way it's lookin' at me... and then it leaps off the screen, spreads its wings (yes, cockroaches can fly) and attacks me! Naturally, I jumped back, which is a good thing because it would have tagged me right in the face, but instead it hit my shirt and I shook it off onto the dark ground... Or so I thought... and then... no... is that something scurrying around inside my shirt??? AAAhhhhrrrrgg!! (Much jumping and shirt flipping and verbal exclaimations insued...)

It's been one of those months.

Sleep tight. :)

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