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Monday, June 15, 2009

Wake, Walk, Work

Maui Kitesurfing

Yes, you can in fact surf behind a kite.

Kanaha Kite Surfing

Naish Cult
(A really big kite. [photos by Crystal*])

Treadmill Workstation

The last is my current workstation. I thought it would be hard to read or type while walking but it's been fine. This is in standing config; I drop the ramp to max incline (10 degrees) for walking. I probably walk on it about half time during the day, kick it up to a very fast walk when I have less time for it. Easily ascending a mile or more a day.

Got to keep off that fat you know.


Just kidding. I just don't like sitting all day, and I don't think my body does either. Even with the winds picking back up finally so I can start kite boarding more regularly, I'll still feel better standing and walking the rest of the time than sitting.

The meter under the large monitor is a Kill A Watt which tells me how much juice the treadmill is using. I had worried it would be too expensive to run (1 continuous watt = $2/year here in Maui) but it hovers around 40 watts at a comfortable stroll and 75 at a brisk pace. (Considerably more if the track is level, but I always run it at full incline.) Also I imagine the watt meter will serve as an early warning if the track needs lube or whatnot, and might save me a burnt out motor (which I gather is the main failure mode of treadmills).

Thanks to Garrett* for the loan of the jumbo monitor.

By the way, are people effectively abandoning LJ in favor of Facebook? Seems like it...

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