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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Wet Maui Monkey

Windsurfing Kanaha, Maui

Been testing out the titanium
and so far it's holding up ok.

Paia Bay Surf
A mellow day at Paia bay.

Monkey Surfing Paia Bay
My impression of a monkey surfing.

Manta Ray, Hawaii
(Photo by Kai Kane)

The whole time I was out, an 8'+ wide manta ray kept us company,
sometimes nearly brushing my feet as it swam under,
dwarfing my board, or doing back loops in front of us,
water shedding off the big white belly just a few feet away.
More than once a newly arrived surfer had a momentary scare
at the ray's wingtips breaches the surface in their upward arc,
looking like two shark fins....

Trashy day at Paia Bay
Yesterday was not so mellow. Good exercise though.

This is the "beach" a couple blocks from home du jour.

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