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Sunday, January 27, 2008

After Life Kindling, A Million SNiPs, Wester Yet, Drool...

After Life hits have dwindled to zero, so using keen marketting logic I have decided to raise the price. Actually, it's still free online, but I've now made a version available for the Amazon Kindle. If you enjoyed the book and have an Amazon account, I'd appreciate any reviews (including just copy-paste of prior ones) and/or ratings you could lend to: After Life (Kindle Edition).

After looking over 23andme and decodeme, I've opted to give the latter a go, just out of curiosity and general technophilia. There's a $50 referal fee available which I'm happy to split if you're interested--email me for an invite.

Next Saturday, it's off to Maui. Anybody know a trick for getting affordable flights between Hawaii and east Asia? So far it looks cheaper to return to Los Angeles first!

My productivity/creativity has been essentially zero since the fall. I need to fix this.

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