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Sunday, November 04, 2007

Random Goings On

Golem Group, Darpa Urban Challenge
The Darpa Urban Challenge (nqe video)

Reichart<a href=http://reichart.livejournal.com>*</a> at Bar Camp
Reichart* talking about Qtask at Bar Camp

RMS meditates with Grunt

Working with the Golem Group for a bit was fun, but that's done now so I'm getting back to more basic AI/vision/language research. (I would really like to post more details about that, but I've seen too many people patented out of their own work in the last few years. And no, publication does not inherently solve this. I plan to write a massive missive on the topic one of these days.)

Presently back in Los Angeles, but not sure where I'll be tomorrow...

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