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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Two by Two

Lulu has now sold over 100 hard copies of After Life (vs. 9 as of Sep 7). Not a stellar pace, but hey, it's a milestone. I ordered a couple more since it seemed both of mine were always lent out, but unfortunately the covers arrived with huge horizontal bands missing various color components. If you ordered one and the bottom of the eye is purple, that ain't how it's supposed to be--contact Lulu. I haven't given them new cover art since the previous good run, so the problem is clearly on their end.

Had an idea for a quick cartoon the other day: Looking through the door into a surgical room, stereotypical profile view of a surgeon at work in the distance. Over the door is a sign that says "Measure Twice, Cut Once".

Ryan told me a little puzzle before he left for Argentina which is in some sense simpler than the Monty Hall problem, but even less amenable to an intuitive solution: Imagine I have two envelopes with money in them, one with twice as much as the other. I hand you one of the envelopes. You can open it if you like. I give you the option to keep it, or to trade for the other one. Say it has $10 in it. So, the other envelope has either $5 or $20 in it, or an average of $12.50. Ergo, you should trade, right?

Heh heh.

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