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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Kitty Kitty

Kerikeri Pastures

When Kiwis say Kerikeri it sounds like Kitty Kitty.

Yesterday I drove the short trip to the ferry port, left my car and took the passenger ferry over to Rawene to stock up on local produce and whatnot. I also acquired some cheap sandals (jandals in Kiwi parlance) and dish washing gloves. I learned this lesson from my mother, late in life, when she said to me one day "[My husband] wears gloves when he does the dishes. I don't. His hands are soft. Mine aren't." She was a master of common sense. Well, except that she clearly was falling short on the implementation in this particular case. Anyway, dish washing gloves do far more for me than any amount of hand lotion. (Yes, I'm washing dishes with them--get your mind out of the gutter.)

I also took a run up to Kerikeri today to check out a room in a house for rent. It's a nice place with a nice housemate, but it's on the market to sell so would be shortish term. I may move there in early December and ride out the high season. After that, perhaps the Marlborough Sounds, which is where my prospective housemate was living last year. That would be here:

She says a smaller bach (pronounced "batch") tucked in somewhere like that, with no neighbors and accessible only by water, can be had for ~US$300/month off season. Though the water taxi (more like a shuttle than a taxi) into town runs $20 rt...

Something very bad happened today. While I was driving out of Kerikeri I passed by the airport and a Cesna was coming in to land on what I think may have been a grass field. It came in so low over the fence at the start of the field that I could have stood on that fence and slapped the tires. Did it crash? No, on the contrary, it was like an ex-junkie watching someone fix. Now I gotta do it. I just gotta. Technically my pilot's license is valid here.... My wallet is moaning as I type this. Maybe I could get my amphibious rating and go explore the sounds with an airplane and a tent...

Okay, maybe a kayak and a tent would be more practical.

Eh, practical is overrated.

Kerikeri Pastures 2

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