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Monday, July 17, 2006

After Life (Lulu Rocks)

After Life, Lulu Book Cover

I uploaded After Life to Lulu,
which was amazingly striaghtfoward,
gave them $10 (including shipping),
and a couple days later they mailed me a book
(plus nine days for the USPS to get it here...).

After Life, Lulu Book Interior

After Life, Lulu Book Binding

If anybody has a suggestion for a non-spoiler description to accompany it on Lulu, I could use one. Also, if you happen to read it and like it, pass it on (along with this request, ad infinitum), because it's the only way anyone will ever hear of it.

This version is slightly more polished than the previous, thanks to some copy-editting by Fuzzbean* and especially Sandra Kiume* (many thanks!), plus I made one quick pass at knocking off the jaggiest edges, which is to say it's only slightly less likely to poke your eyes out.

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