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Friday, September 30, 2005


For those wondering why I haven't emailed/visited/posted, I got hit by a car while riding a bike last week. Witnesses say I flew up in the air and everything. My body says I landed on my head. My wallet says I got taken to ER in an ambulance with a neck brace and oxygen mask.

For those wondering what happens if you ignore the pain of, e.g., a sprained wrist and move it through its full range, this happened days after the accident just from trying to change a paper towel roll with a wrist that should have still been in the splint:

I think that's my first bruise ever! I normally just don't bruise, period. (I didn't have any after the accident itself, though I suppose it's possible my hair is covering a whopper.)

Anyway, my neck is still in bad shape, and wrist is back in the splint, so I won't be driving down to San Diego or whatnot any time soon. (And this entry is pushing the limits of my upright-time, so prolific emailing is a ways off too.)

Sadly, I think I damaged my wrist by trying to stand up immediately after the accident and discovering that my left leg was completely paralyzed. Twice. So much for thinking straight under pressure. Fortunately the leg started working again shortly after, so I think it was from the blow to the head as opposed to damaged nerves. Fingers crossed I won't see any recurrence of that.

Many thanks to all my friends who've helped out this last week, especially Radiantsun* and Troy*.

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