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Saturday, April 16, 2005

Catching Up. Moving Forward

Life in Sulfurous Steam

Since my last post: We continued our road trip back up the east coast of the north island, stayed in Rotorua, Waihi Beach, and then headed home via the Corromandel Peninsula, where we packed, cleaned, sold furniture, ran errands, and hopped on a plane to LA.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is a challenging movie to watch on an airplane.

Last Friday, Clare* left for the UK. :( Hard to say indefinite-goodbye to someone after 1.5 years of being together almost 24/7. Driving home from the airport in rush-hour LA traffic didn't help.

Since then it's been taxes and administrative catch-up after being out of the country for almost two years. I was going to go camping this weekend but started feeling crappy last night and found my temp was over 100 so instead I'm here in my bathrobe writing this journal entry.

I'm moving to Maui in a couple weeks. But I plan to return to New Zealand eventually (yup, my residency application was approved).

One of my previous business partners wants to start another business w/me based on my current AI work. So I imagine I'll be focusing on that for a while.

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