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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Photo Log - Hamilton, Taupo, Wellington

Gatekeepers, Hamilton Gardens

We met up with Clare*'s adviser in Hamilton. Nice campus:

Waikato University, Hamilton, New Zealand

After lunch we wandered around the Hamilton Gardens.
This was the Indian garden:

Indian Garden, Hamilton Gardens

Indian Garden, Hamilton Gardens

And the English garden:

English Garden

And here's the sadly representative American garden
(nope, not joking, and yes, this is all of it):

American Garden

I tried to lag behind so Clare* and her adviser would feel free to speak Swedish.
Made for a couple of nice photo ops.

Clare and Arno

Clare* didn't get enough for lunch:

Clare and the Giant Pumpkin

Nor, apparently, did these guys:


Caterpillars 2

From there we drove to Taupo, checked in to our hostel
and walked along the lake shore into town for dinner.
On the way back, Clare* looked down to the lake and said
"mist, or steam??" We walked down to the water's edge
and I could feel the heat radiating from the lake even
though the air was cool. I touched the water and nearly
burnt my fingers--very strange to find hot water on the
shore of a huge lake:

Steamy Lake Taupo

Today we stopped for lunch in Palmerston North, then
down to Wellington for Ed*'s demo of fire-fighting in
shorts (good for kitchen fires). [Note what happens
when you use a flash in a room full of reflectors.]

Fighting Fires in Shorts

In the brief moment when your eyes are closed during a blink,
What are you dreaming of?

Dreaming of the Apocalypse in Wellington, New Zealand

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