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Friday, March 11, 2005


Every night, around this time,
there are these crunchy noises.
They sound like someone, or something,
walking on dry leaves.
Today I decided to investigate.
I snuck out like a cat,
thinking I needed to be quiet.
But the noises ignored me and kept on.
I got closer.
They got louder.
Until I was staring into a shadow,
a space between two walls.
It was too dark to see anything,
but it was right before my ears.
Strange crunchy noises,
from mere inches away.
And they just kept crunching.
So I got my camera,
because I have no flashlight.
Nothing there!

Crunching Leaf Noise Maker

Or was there?
I moved around to the other side,
and said "say cheese!"
or whatever hedgehogs say
when they do
whatever it is
that hedgehogs do
when you take their picture
like this:

Hedgehog, St Heliers

I suppose to Brits and Kiwis
this is about as interesting
as a picture
of a squirrel.

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Simon Funk / simonfunk@gmail.com