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Saturday, January 15, 2005

Lowest Tide Yet

Magenta Star

Hermit Crab Hiding

Hermit Crab Coming Out

Way off in the distance you can see the usual low-tide line:


Also there are a few sand-dollar mounds visible there. Once I knew what to look
for I realized they were carpeting the whole area. Literally thousands of them.
We popped one up and set it back in the water, and watched it slowly plow itself
back under the sand. (The pic is lousy because it's a snap from a movie, but the
movie was too boring to post :).

Sand Dollar

While we were watching the sand dollar, little wormy tentacles started popping out
of the sand and waving around in the shallow water around us. Creepy. So I dug
one of the offending clams up and snapped a movie of it re-burying itself (do
you detect a theme here?):


Speaking of things that are everywhere once you know what to look for: I was
looking at the little trap-door a snail had pulled shut after itself when it
hid in its shell, and thought "huh, home come I never see those lying
around?". So we looked around, and found they were everywhere, just lying around:

Snail Doors

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