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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Another Low Tide in St Heliers

Another super low tide today, and this time I brought my camera.

Here are the mystery blobby things:

Blobby Thing

Blobby Things

Spikey Blobby Things

I had to watch where I stepped...

Starfish Everywhere

Found this under a rock:


Spotted a tiny nudibranch hanging out in an oyster shell:

Baby Nudibranch in an Oyster Shell


Banana Peel Starfish

Yet more mystery blobs. Orange stalactites to the brown blobby stalagmites:

I'm not gonna touch it--YOU touch it.

I spotted another small nudibranch, but this one looked mostly dead
and was being haplessly wooshed about by the little waves:

Mostly Dead Orange Nudibranch, Auckland, New Zealand

The one last time was about twice that long, and had a healthy ploomy tail.

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