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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Low Tide in St Heliers

Just went for a walk along the beach here in St Heliers and the tide was the lowest yet. Didn't bring my camera, but found tons of starfish, sand dollars (three unbroken ones, and one live one), numerous strange baseball-sized spherical squidgy pimply brown things, and one three-inch-long, ultra luminescent Tang-orange, Japanese anime style sea slug like thing with two cute stubby antenna on one end and a tufty feather-duster of a tail sticking up on the other (all the same glowing orange). Or maybe I've got the head and tail reversed, but anyway...

It was kinda this color (the orange):

But glowy like this:

And had a tuftier tail, and general proportions like this:

Re the strange baseball-sized spherical squidgy pimply brown things, I have no idea what they were -- any ideas? They were firmly attached to the reef kind of like mushrooms except with the stalk completely hidden by the spherical blob in most cases, and.. gross as this is, they seemed to be hard on the inside and squidgy on the outside, rather like your shaved head would be only more squidgy, and a color and sheen that pretty well reproduced dark caramel fudge blobs.

By sight I expected it to be a hard shell like a spineless urchin.

Imagine my surprise.

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