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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Northland Weekend

A quick photo tour of our road trip up to the northern tip of New Zealand last week...

Ahipara: Near Shipee's, Ahipara, New Zealand

Ahipara, New Zealand

(The hostel where we stayed)
Endless Summer hostel, Ahipara

(Dry sand blowing over wet [click for AVI])
Ahipara's Liquid Beach

Ahipara's tide pools:


Ahipara Tide Pool

Ahipara Tide Pool Rainbow of Anemones

Weird Sea Anemone

Orange Anemone

Purple Anemone

Clare* and the tide pools (swimming pools?) near Cable Bay:

Tide Pools near Cable Bay, New Zealand

A splendid patch of foliage, a short walk from our hostel in Kerikeri:

Keri Keri Jungle River
(The scale is under-represented -- those are HUGE tree ferns.)

The Kauri forests above Kerikeri:

Kauri Tree Forest near Kerikeri, New Zealand

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