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Thursday, October 14, 2004

St Heliers - Quick Pics 2

St Heliers, Beach Birds

One cold and rainy day, not another soul in sight, I came upon these soggy shoes just out of reach of reach of the recently high tide. They looked to have been there for quite some time... One has to wonder.

St Heliers, Shoes

The same beach at low tide on a sunny day, from a little further back, looks like this:

St Heliers, Low Tide, Front

If I had the patience, I'd wait for a similar day to get a low tide shot of the same beach from this angle, but alas I don't, so this pic from a cold wet day will have to do:

St Heliers, Low Tide, Left

High tide:

St Heliers, High Tide, Left

An old bar stool we found under the house has proven an excellent desktop computer (my tiny laptop which runs the thing just leans up against the back of the monitor):

Fuji P1120 Desktop, running Linux

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