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Friday, September 24, 2004

Ponsonby to St Heliers

We're moved in but still settling. Here are a few photos from this past month:

After our usual Friday lunch with some friends who work in Ponsonby,
we all walked the block to Victoria Park, on the edge of downtown Auckland,
for a little after-lunch kite flying:

Victoria Park, Auckland

Trees in Victoria Park, Auckland

Paul made the kite himself, based on a Nasa recovery parachute I think:
Clare Launching Kite

Clare Flying Kite

The kite flying Paul:
Kite Flying Paul

But now we're a bit further out of town, in St Heliers.

St Heliers Bay, Auckland

We're in a little dive of a studio, but here's the view from our patio:

Cliff Road View, St Heliers, Auckland

The address is Cliff Road, and those trees there hang over the cliff which
just drops off right there in a pile-of-bones-at-the-bottom sorta way.

We still have no phone or internet access, so I'll just be polling intermittently assuming I can find an internet cafe nearby.

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