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Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Tolerating Hypocrites

Wow, it's amazing how my power grows in my absence. Since I decided some time ago not to participate in Michelle's evolving revisionist tirade against me, I have been elevated steadily in power, from pity-worthy NPD sufferer through Cult Leader now all the way to Hitler! When [name deleted to protect the innocent] said she had the worst case of "so you think my ass is fat??" he'd ever seen, he had no idea.

For those wondering about my intolerable assault of intolerance, I happen to have a transcript. It's rather short, and it begins with some girl's self-introduction on the NT ("Rationals") LiveJournal community:

Good morning!

I'm new, I'm Bonnie. My results came back as INTP, and I'm told I'm a fairly irregular person.

At work, I'm an escort. I'm successful in my field because.. I'm playful and caring, I suppose (oh yeah, and I'm 19 which possibly has more to do with it). At home, I have no routine. I have toys stashed all over my house. Very playful, very warm, very loving. Outside of this, I'm forever correcting people, hating office drones, couldn't sit still long enough to get through university and deal with depression, anxiety and singledom on the side :)

I like to read, I like to play, I like to dance. I like drugs. I don't like cooking. I have a few close friends, a bucketload of not-close friends and a string of boys who seem to like me very much that I just can't connect with.

In short, I'm lonely, single, have too much time and too much money. If someone would like to play with me, feel free to grab my attention on AIM ([her IM here]), MSN ([her email here]), ICQ ([her ICQ here]) or IRC ([her IRC here])). Weee!

2003-07-17 12:38 [I reply]

Life Imitating Spam

2003-07-17 13:42 [She replies]


2003-07-17 14:34 [She replies again]

Way to make a new kid feel welcome, hey?

If it helps, my IQ tops 154 and can make a dinosaur out of plasticine faster than you can.

2003-07-17 15:03 [I reply]

Sorry, I couldn't resist. Your post was so close to a typical web-porn spam/personals scam, I had to share my amusement. The only thing missing was a subscription-based web cam URL or a 976 number where lonely NT guys can call you for $3.95 a minute. (I don't rule out that you expect to find clients here.)

I understand that you are possibly sincere. That's what makes it ironic. It's an amusing ambiguity.

2003-07-17 15:09 [She replies]

Really, one reference to my job and a bubbly personality and I'm a spam bot?

I suppose my personality does get people into rather tricky situations, but your assumption was rude. All you had to do was go back and look at my journal briefly or just the info page to see that I was a real person. Nice way to leave a first impression, hey?

2003-07-17 15:30 [I reply]

I did look at your journal first. And I made no assumptions.

2003-07-17 15:33 [Someone else replies to her]

You're touchy for a T.

2003-07-17 15:42 [She replies]


I also don't take kindly to being insulted when I'm trying to introduce myself.

2003-07-17 15:45 [I reply to someone else's 15:33 comment]

She's midline between T and F.

[pointer to her journal entry where she scores "Introverted - 44%, Intuitive - 11%, Thinking - 1%, Perceiving - 22%"]

2003-07-17 16:06 [I reply to her 15:42 comment]

Yes, you're right, I suspected it wouldn't be taken well even though it really was just a meta commentary. I keep forgetting to treat LiveJournal as an emotional support group, as most people seem to. Mea culpa. I'll go back to my cave (happily).

Perhaps I'm just intolerable to people with no sense of humor.

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