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Sunday, January 25, 2004

Snow in Praha

Praha Swan

The Vltava, along with the rest of Prague, was covered in snow today.

Frozen Vltava, Prague

We treked to Prague Castle as our last touristy outing before leaving Czech tomorrow.

The church inside the castle walls pretty much fills what was once the large open courtyard. It's rather like a Borg ship just arrived one day and claimed the place.
Within Prague Castle

More Inside Prague Castle

The Castle's toy museum was mostly a disappointment, but had a few amusing bits.

Toy Museum, Prague

(This thing is tiny--those are normal sized letters on the print head)
Early Laptop, Toy Museum, Prague

Everyone needs one of these...
Urm... Gizmo, Toy Museum, Prague

An early rev of Barbi (love the facial expression):
Early Barbi

An 80's motif that never hit the shelves:
80's Barbi

These things kept falling on us from the sky on the way home...
Snow Flakes, Prague

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