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Sunday, January 18, 2004

The Boars and the Beeves

Krcma Satlava, Cesky Krumlov

For dinner tonight we meandered over to the Krcma Satlava--once the town jail, but now a medieval themed restaurant. We ordered the garlic soup, boar goulash, and a whole trout which they cooked on that fire while we waited. All of it was excellent. The goulash, served in a hollowed bread bowl, was the best we've had in Czech yet. [dinner for two: garlic soup, goulash, whole trout, honey cake, beer; US$13]

Mmm, garlic soup.
Clare<a href=http://cbird.livejournal.com/>*</a> with Garlic Soup, Krcma Satlava

Afterward we strolled around town a bit.
Centrum, Cesky Krumlov

Here's the town square (dusted with snow):
Namesti Svornosti, Cesky Krumlov

We picked up a pocket translation dictionary in Prague and recently started thumbing through the sections aimed at explaining English to Czechs (there are no converse sections--the book appears written for Czechs). It's pretty humorous. Their three English translations for the number zero are, in this order: "nought, cipher, zero". And they list a number of plurals, many of which they get right, but... brother, brethen? cactus, cactues? beef, beeves? (Oooh, scary--beeves passes my spelling checker. It can't be right, can it?) Heh, and among their phrase sections (e.g., Greetings, Place and Direction, etc..) is one titled Evasive or Non-Committal Answers with phrases like "who knows", "I'll think it over", "it's all the same to me", "perhaps", "it may be", "it depends", "we shall see".

Who knows.

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