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Thursday, January 15, 2004

Cesky Krumlov

Standing by the heater is becoming somewhat of a pastime:
Clare<a href=http://cbird.livejournal.com/>*</a> by the Heater

We weren't sure we'd get served dinner at 10pm in a town that looked asleep, but the Gypsy was open (though empty) and made us goulash and fried cheese:
The Gypsy

This morning we enjoyed a fine breakfast of cheese, ham, more cheese, cream yogurt, two kinds of bread, butter and jam--included with and delivered to our room.

Then we went for a stroll, and encountered some bears:

They seemed to be guarding the castle. In as much as a castle on a hillside can have a moat, that's where these bears were.

Here's the painted tower from yesterday, up close:
Painted Tower

And more murals further into the chateau:
More Painted Monuments

And a fine view down on the city:
Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic

We hiked onward into the hills, enjoying the fresh air and quiet. I thought this shot came out rather surreal:
Me, Surreal

(That was it--our minute of sun.)
Me on Snowy, Grassy Hill, Cesky Krumlov

The chateau has this nifty sundial on the wall (sun not included):
Nifty Sundial

(I wonder why they marked the hours twice instead of marking months?)

Anyway, this is our home for the next week. Time to get some work done.

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