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Monday, January 12, 2004

A little more Prague

The fellow working the counter yesterday spoke no more English than the guy from the day before, but he asked if we spoke German, we asked if he spoke Swedish, he asked if we spoke French... and so we booked another couple of nights in stumbling French. Wednesday, we'll probably head down to Cesky Krumlov. Meantime, we're having fun just wandering around, and reading a lot of menus. By the time we leave, I think we'll be fluent in restaurant Czech.

We wandered down to Wenceslas Square last night for dinner.
Wenceslas Square at night, Prague

Restaurant off Wenceslas Square

Sitting in the living room this morning, I somehow feel... watched...

It's been hard to get a lot of daylight shots when it's dark by 4:30, but here are some from our neighborhood and along the river at the start of today's stroll through town:
Our Neighborhood, Prague

Funky Architecture, Prague

Swans, Prague

Riverfront Buildings, Prague

And from this evening, a couple touristy shots in the Old Train Square:
Clock Tower, Prague

Disneyeque Castle, Prague

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