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Tuesday, January 06, 2004

A Family Outing in Lancashire

Higher Lee, Front

We arrived at night:
Higher Lee, English Manor, Lancashire, U.K.

One of the rooms:
Attic Room

The morning view out our bedroom window:
Bedroom Window View

Yet another style of stove (the Aga):

Hovering sheep! (As for the blue rumps, they put colored dyes on the male sheep's bellies...)
Hovering Sheep!

Black face sheep:
Black Face Sheep

A lookout tower:
Lookout Tower

View from the tower:
View from the Tower

Clare*'s family on the tower:
Clare<a href=http://cbird.livejournal.com/>*</a>'s Family on the Tower

A through-the-binoculars shot:
Binocular Bird Shot

Back home (du jour):
Higher Lee, Front Gate

Hiking in a different direction the next day...
Sheep and Stream

Up into the hills:
Up into the hills...

We happened upon a decorated christmas tree, high up in the squidgy hills:
Christmas Tree

The ground everywhere was soggy to flowing... Quite glad to be wearing the gortex shoes I bought in Sweden.
Mossy Stream

The photos just don't convey how cold and windy it was. We hid from the wind behind a pile of rocks near the top and ate cheese and christmas cake before making the final chilling, squidgy run for home:
The Squidgy Path Down

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