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Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Preston, U.K.

Clare* and Family:
Clare<a href=http://cbird.livejournal.com/>*</a> and Family

We got some Indian curry takeaway, but alas the various sauces were quite sugary and essentially indistinguishable except for the liberally applied day-glow food colorings. (The chicken tikka masala sauce was the color of a raspberry sorbet.) Nonetheless, it was nice to have something vaguely resembling Indian food again. (I'll spare you the closeup of the raspberry chicken sorbet.)
Clare<a href=http://cbird.livejournal.com/>*</a> w/Curry in Preston

Clare*'s Neighborhood:
Clare<a href=http://cbird.livejournal.com/>*</a>'s Neighborhood

A few blocks away

Downtown Preston:
Downtown Preston

Downtown Preston

Both grocery stores we went to stocked international takeaway (mostly Indian curries, but also some Thai and others):
International Takeaway

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