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Thursday, October 23, 2003

I Can Quit Any Time I Want

Mind's Ear

I've been so productive these last few days of internet abstinence that I'm going to make it a habit (or should I say break the habit?).

I think I'll have an email day, maybe once a week. I'll do some occasional triage to check for time sensitive stuff, but if you need a quick reply to something (trivial things are fine), please put "time sensitive" in the subject. I'll probably write a script soon to automatically scan for that and alert me. :)

I'm also going to cut down my journal reading, particularly those that are frequently updated. So if you post something and I happen to come to mind as someone who might be interested, please lemme know. (I can only offset the extra effort with the promise that I am working on better solutions to just this kind of stuff, for all.)

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