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Saturday, September 20, 2003

Hurricane Day

That tree at the top is from next door, leaning over to say hello (and ocasionally to rap the window):

Kalistrya* and Mike's self-portraits of terror during the hurricane:

Mike almost got blown away:

All in all it was a non-event in our little corner of Virginia, except Kalistrya* and Mike both got Thursday and Friday off, and Mike's place is without power.

I'm finally getting back to my AI work now that I have a fairly stable computer to work on again.

When I arrived here just over two weeks ago, Kalistrya* and Mike picked me up at the airport and I've since been camping out on a futon sofa occupying the last bit of floor space in Kalistrya*'s studio apartment. While technically I'm a third wheel here, it's felt like something else from the start... I think closer to "child from a previous marriage." :)

Kalistrya* discovered a really good single-blend chocolate at Trader Joe's: Origen Unico (or Unique Origin, depending on the package). In particular, try the Ocumare variety. We weren't as impressed by the Guaranda, which has more of a milk-chocolate flavor. The Guyave sounds good too, but it hasn't been available.

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