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Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Laptop Day

My how time flies when you're installing software over a slow link. Seems like the last two weeks have just been one very long day. Anyway, I think I'm finally done futzing with the laptop for a while (which is good because tomorrow is Hurricane Day, so Laptop Day must officially end).

I did get a little Linux help along the way from a resident expert:

And here is a video I editted down with Cinelerra, showing one of Kalistrya*'s fat-tailed geckos doing its wacky tail-wagging/pounce thing (it does this every time!):

Quicktime:   Avi:

I also got a little side-tracked making a heads-up display for improved laptop ergonomics. Between the plus-lenses inherent in the (reading) glasses and the adjustable convergence, the net effect is a large screen straight in front of you at some (adjustable) distance:

Still a few problems with the prototype, though:

I need to make a pair with thinner, optical-grade mirrors and thumb-screw adjustable alignment. And get some Dramamine.

Or maybe I just need to get out more.

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