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Wednesday, September 03, 2003

Random Update

I've finished another round of personal possession culling and am down to one checked bag and one carry-on. I'm heading to DC tomorrow morning, one-way ticket, fuzzy plans from there.

Speaking of fuzzy:

I finally broke down and bought a laptop. It's waiting for me in DC. (It's about the size of a VHS cassette, so I think it's a net win in terms of stuff-reduction. :) All that remains is to figure out how to get Linux running on it.

I'm also looking for an ultra-compact digital camera. The Casio has been mentioned but the image quality seems lacking from what I've been able to determine. I'm considering the Minolta (which also works as a voice recorder...). If anyone has recommendations (or warnings) let me know.

On my way south to Jack's wedding I stopped off to say hey to my friend Rick who I haven't talked to in quite a while. He's working on some neat stuff.

I stayed on Jack's boat over the weekend. Here's Jack giving me the tour of the living room, dining room, and kitchen:

And a couple random pics from the wedding and beyond:

Gotta run. Gotta pack. Gotta sleep. Gotta fly.

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