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Sunday, July 13, 2003

Things To Do With One Hand

I have to say, clipping fingernails and peeling/slicing ginger have proven the two most difficult one-handed tasks.

On a positive note, the switch from typed to pen-and-ink research notes resulted in many useful drawings and diagrams ultimately leading to another breakthrough. Strangely this one feels like less of an epiphany than the last one and yet more of a real, workable solution. (The last was more of a new way of seeing things, whereas this one is more a new way of doing things, and yes, one led to the other.)

It's fucking brilliant, really, and I'd share it with you if I didn't have to worry about being patented out of my own invention.

Meanwhile, looking for distractions from my frustration at not having two hands to code this stuff up, I've been watching a lot of Buffy season IV (which rocks), eating, going to movies (T3 sucked; I'm looking forward to Pirates which I hear is great), doing a little hiking, and handling any point-and-click computer stuff on my todo queue.

One item in that last category was to fill out the profile questionnaire for eharmony.com which Tara recently directed me to. I've been kind of surprised that nobody's yet made a personals site with a decent substantial/non-superficial questionnaire (and will do so myself someday if Troy* or someone else doesn't beat me to it), and I thought hey, maybe this is it finally! So I spent like 2 hours answering 500 some questions, and this is what it said at the end:

eHarmony.com is based upon a complex matching system developed through extensive testing of married individuals. One of the requirements for it to work successfully is for participants to fall into a rigorously defined "profile".

Unfortunately, you do not fit within this profile. eHarmony's matching system is not suitable for about 20% of potential participants, so 1 in 5 people simply will not benefit from the matching part of the eHarmony site. But there are many more benefits to using eHarmony.

We hope that you understand our regret in our inability to provide our matching service for you at this time. We urge you to participate in our other services such as the eHarmony Community, or take advantage of the opportunity to get to know yourself better through our free personality profile.

If you are receiving this message as a subscriber please contact userservices@eharmony.com for a refund of your subscription.

Thank you for visiting eHarmony.


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