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Thursday, June 26, 2003

I am not a Spam

I've been having some trouble for a while with overzealous spam filters (not on my machine nor under my control) bouncing legitimate mail to me. If you get such a bounce, please try again later or from a different account. It seems somewhat random.

But now something weirder is happening -- many people are reporting that mail from me is getting inexplicably shuttled to their spam folders and they've been lucky to see it at all (note that unlike the reverse situation above, I am not getting bounce notifications, so I don't know my emails are being sent to the bit bucket). If anybody can figure out why this is happening, do tell!

Oh, and I'm now selling ***PENIS ENLARGEMENT*** devices if anyone wants one at !!!ROCK BOTTOM PRICES!!! Place your orders early.

(For the humor impaired... oh never mind.)

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