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Tuesday, May 20, 2003

Welcome to the Future

Somehow I am back in LA again.

Saturday, Reichart*, Elle and I joined Troy* and others at the Unite the Future party. All told, I knew about twenty people there (many quite well) from about five different directions, which was quite unexpected given how far it was from anywhere I've ever lived. Many pleasant surprises!

I didn't have the time or inspiration for a futuristic costume so I just dug through my pack-rat's pile and pulled out whatever I never-wear-but-kept-anyway.

I didn't bring my camera, but Reichart* did, so here are some of his pics (including some I took of him). These were all taken in the quieter back rooms, away from the party central:

(Elle and ?)

(back lobby)

(?, Reichart*, and Elle)

(John Smart lecturing)

(The Adams Family?)

(Troy* and Mila)

(Me and Elle)

Reichart* and Elle are off to Maui, so I am here house-sitting for them for the moment.

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