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Tuesday, May 13, 2003

Astray Cat

Michelle, open your eyes and drop the knife. I am not your enemy. Also look around you and see who else's blood you're spilling.

I naively believed you when you told me some time ago that you weren't going to read my journal anymore. My mistake. Sorry to provoke you.

I offer you, one last time, this hypothesis to consider: Your image of me has steadily drifted away from the real me ever since we stopped spending time together. (In retrospect, I think this even happened on a smaller scale during the various multi-months periods I was away while we were together, if you consider the patterns you yourself recognized at the time.) There's no point in me addressing your portrayals any more because they hardly relate to me. Even a good portion of your most basic verifiable facts, let alone anything open to interpretations, are wrong, made up, or even reversed--all changed in ways that happen to suit your conclusions, of course. This steadily evolving fallaciousness is the reason I eventually asked you to stop using my name in your entries (the only request I ever made re. your journal).

You already tried passing this all by an impartial jury of your own choosing, and when the verdicts weren't coming in how you wanted, you turned your venom to the jury. That is when I quit this game, and I am not going to reenter.

Have your way with my image.

Like a cat with a lizard's tail.

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Simon Funk / simonfunk@gmail.com