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Saturday, April 05, 2003


Still grappling with loose ends, trying to catch up on email, uploading my paper journal, procuring food, and fighting jet lag. The latter has been made more difficult by the second daylight savings time change for me in a month, both in the same bad direction due to opposite hemispheres negating opposite ends of the lag. When I left, the time difference was three hours, then mid-month it became four, and tomorrow morning it will be five. I barely scraped myself out of bed by noon today. Yeah yeah: "Oh wah!"

I hacked a script today to semi-automate the sorting, scaling, rotating, embedding, and linking of my photos. And now they're all done and just need the text fleshed out, so I should be able to pop out a few trip-days per day, as time permits. (Though I'm apt to be on the road again tomorrow or the next day, back to Tahoe for the moment.) Note that I'm back-dating the entries (in my own index, not in LJ) so keep an eye on March for updates.

Also, I should warn that my aim in New Zealand and with my photos and journal was and is primarily to document the flavor of the towns and surroundings for my own use in considering where I might want to return to and live for a while, so don't expect a lot of great scenery shots or stories about the great tourist activities. Kalistrya* may have some better photos in a few days.

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