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Monday, March 24, 2003

to Wanaka

Wanaka is probably what Queenstown was like before it got too popular:

We hiked up some hills nearby:

Wakaka was way more low-key and friendly than Queenstown. More like Tahoe than Aspen.

Come evening, we wandered through town reading all the menus 'till we found one that sounded sufficiently delectable. I ordered the Ahi, and it was goooood. Each of our dinners ended up being easily enough for two, so we took half home for lunch the next day. But we had to try desert since the food was so good. Luckily we only ordered one slice of pie:

The entire bill, for what ended up being two excellent meals each plus desert, cost the equivalent of about US$11 each (taking into account tip and tax you'd add onto that in the US).

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