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Friday, March 21, 2003

Le Bons Bay to Akaroa to Dunedin

The actual Le Bons Bay:

to Akaroa:


Heh heh... I'd swear it was just twelve hours ago I was telling Kalistrya* about the dearth of sheep, "from the reputation, you'd expect to find them herding through the streets or something"...

Localized smog on the way to Dunedin:

Strange round rocks in the surf:

Bunches of them...

When we called ahead this morning to book a hostel, they were all full! But one of them gave us the number of a homestay--a retired Dutch couple who'd just started doing this recently, first as a favor to a friend who worked at the hostel, and then because they discovered it was fun hosting these strange travelers. They were a spunky pair, nice folks, and nice place to stay. [Contact details provided on request.]

After settling in there, we headed into downtown Dunedin to test their Indian food. (Eh.)

More on Dunedin tomorrow. And more on today in Kalistrya*'s corresponding entry.

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