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Monday, March 17, 2003

More Golden Bay

The morning view from the hostel lawn:

Funny, the idea of staying here a second night feels stagnant, like I could be going someplace new but am just reliving the same place again... How quickly I get addicted to travel.

But it will be nice to have a mellow day...

I hand-washed some clothes, hung them to dry, took a shower, wandered down to the beach. There's an old horse that lives along the path, amidst a rainbow of shrubs:

Yesterday when I first arrived there was a German woman teaching herself to juggle in the shade of the hostel's gazebo. She proved quite nice, and pleasantly real, so I invited her along for today's explorations. We headed into Takaka for lunch at The Big Fat Moon (yum), and then drove north to the fairwell spit and hiked out to Wharariki Beach:

Baby seals:

Tourists watching baby seals:

I had to take at least one good sheep shot:

When we returned, there was an amusing gang of Britts staying at the hostel. I joined them to the Muscle Inn where they sampled every flavor and color of beer on tap (and I sampled the OJ):

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