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Monday, March 10, 2003

The Road to Tauranga, Mt Maunganui

People toss some odd stuff over the embankment...

Waihi Beach:

Waihi beachfront homes:

Quiet neighborhoods:

Onward past Tauranga to Mt. Maunganui, which reminded me a bit of prospect street in La Jolla, CA:

Mt. Maunganui's surf beach:

Typical hostel dorm room (my car in the background):

Back to the beach...

The conical shells came in clusters:

Beachfront homes (room in one of these for $200 a month, anyone?):

I grabbed some mango chicken, takeaway from the Indian place a couple doors away from the hostel. Many places in New Zealand offer takeaway at a 10 to 15% discount from their sit-down prices, plus the added bonus that it's already packed for storage in the hostel fridge should there be leftovers.

Unfortunately, the homestay in Auckland had cats (which I'm allergic to), and as often happens when I live with cats, I caught a nasty cold (first time I've been sick traveling abroad, ever). It hit me in Mt. Maunganui, woke me up before dawn with a killer sore throat. :P

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