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Friday, March 07, 2003

Russell to Muriwai

A misty morning in Russell:

Waipu Cove:

... and nine minutes later when the sun came out:

I spotted a house for rent right across the street from Langs Beach. Hmm...

I'd have friendly neighbors:

We drove on to Wellsford and stopped for lunch--a lamb and mint pie, which cost something like a buck. It was tasty, but more crust and glossy goo than meat. This proved the norm, though there were a few better. Here's a random pic taken just around the corner from the main drag where we bought the pie:

Then west on highway 16:

To Muriwai Beach:

We met up with Matt and Andy for dinner back in Auckland. Went to a sushi place which offered chicken sushi amongst other oddities (not odd in New Zealand, apparently). Cooked, I presume? I got a more traditional bento box. For desert, we wanted a couple of things but one was out so we all ended up getting the tempura banana and ice cream. They were prepared be the lone sushi chef far in the back, and delivered to us by a straight-faced Japanese waitress who didn't seem to notice that we were bursting at the seems trying to contain our laughter. Two scoops of ice cream at the far end with a banana propped right up between them in the middle of the plate, and a tuft of whipped cream on the near side. You really couldn't get any more explicit than this. I think the bananas were even oriented to curve the right way (up or down, I forget, but not sideways).

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