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Wednesday, March 05, 2003

Auckland to Russell

My car from the deck of my homestay in Auckland:

Athena joined me for a couple of days' trekking since she'd been working and without a car since she arrived in NZ a couple weeks ago. These pics are, I believe (forgot to take note and now I can't remember for sure, but think this is correct), the beach in Orewa, a bit north of Auckland:

We stopped a few hours later for a quick picnic along the water in Whangerei:

Then continued on up to just before Paihia where we hopped the little ferry to Russell (this whole area is called the Bay of Islands):

Russell is a little one-street town, or 1.5 if you count the one-way road along the waterfront. The few shops are mostly restaurants and very old hotels (one of which we stayed in).


We wandered around town reading all the menus (there weren't very many) and chose the most creative sounding place. I was sufficiently amused by my dinner to discretely snap a pic (it looked and tasted better in person, trust me):

... which proved triply amusing when my desert arrived:

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