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Saturday, March 01, 2003

Lick and Stick Starch Peanuts!

Tomorrow it's off to New Zealand. Tee hee... I'm sitting before my computer which is on a desk in Reichart*'s garage in LA, my car three feet to my back with everything I own inside, no clue where I'll be two months from now, a non-homeowner for the first time since I was 21.... Still assimilating it; it doesn't feel real yet. I've done so much traveling in the last many years, part of me assumes I'll be back in my San Diego home soon enough. But no, I have no San Diego home any more, nothing there at all but a few friends who I'll probably see next on some other continent. I wonder if I'll ever stop moving again? My car is stuffed to the gills; it was a cop-out, so very much more stuff than I wanted to keep. But not a bad job for a first pass at condensing thirteen years of accumulated junk. Nothing strapped to the top, even. If I do as good of a job on my second pass, I'll just have a bowl and a towel.

My orderly packing broke down in the last 24 hours and turned into a stuff-fest (dual meaning of "stuff" there). The frequently recurring question: Why do I own these things?

Goodnight all,

And once again sorry I haven't replied to my email in many days...

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