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Friday, February 21, 2003

Umn, where was I?

Heh, thanks Peter/Andrew* for sending me/posting this: Caring For Your Introvert

The packing and administrivia continues. My brain is in hyper-ADD mode. I find myself noticing things like that the woman five tables away is left handed, or that the shadow of the wandering fly makes it look like it's hopping from blade to blade of the horizontal blinds when in fact it's just walking on the window. Speaking of which, I just [now] heard children's voices across the street, jumped up and ran into my room to grab my jester's cap, then across the street to give it to my renaissancy friend and neighbor Debbie who was predictably walking up the street to get her kids from the school bus stop. Umn, where was I? Yeah, there it is, the thought that fills my head every other moment lately: "Umn, where was I?"

Back to everything.

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