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Tuesday, February 18, 2003


So, the numbers involved are finally within the limits of my human intuition. I have ten days left to sell, donate, throw away or squish into my car everything that's left of my earthly possessions, but it still feels like I have a whole house (and a three-car garage) full of stuff.

Oh, and I have to do my taxes, haul my old hang glider off to some shop in Encinitas, change my mailing address with a bazillion companies, close escrow on my house, and plan and prepare/pack for a month-long trip to New Zealand (I need reservations for the inter-island ferry since I'm taking a car both ways; traveler's checks..; some idea of accommodations; I need to buy a tent, alas...). And then there's that whole eating and sleeping thing.

In ten days. Well, closer to nine now.

My apologies for those emails in my queue I wanted to reply to by now but haven't had a chance... Worst case, early April? :/

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