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Thursday, December 12, 2002

It Is Time

> You are selling your life?  What is the whole collection worth?

Remarkably little!

> Why?

Why not?  Really, I couldn't answer why not, so I am.

> What are you going to do once you've sold 'everything'?

I don't know -- I haven't thought that far ahead.  Well, ok,
that's not true, I've imagined *many things*, but have no
firm plans whatsoever.  Tee hee!

> Wow... what inspired you to make this decision?

Time is right.  I don't know!  That's a good question -- I can't
remember.  I think it's something I periodically consider, but until
now something has always been in the wrong cycle.  But this time,
I looked around and realized everything was aligned (not to sound
mystical here -- I'm talking about very practical stuff), and so:
it is time!  Really, that's my best answer: It is time.

> Are you really considering moving to New Zealand?

Yes, but I consider many things. :)

> I hope everything is working out according to your plans...

How can it not?  I have no plans.  ;)

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