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Thursday, September 19, 2002


My current line of research has fizzled out, though not so much for hitting a dead end as for fraying into too many possible directions for me to keep track of with my pea-sized hippocampus. Have you seen the movie Memento? I think I did--have a vague recollection of really relating to it. My life is an hour long; perhaps that's why I keep a journal, so I can look back and feel I've actually had a life. Of course I never remember to do that... that I recall.

On other fronts, I've decided I want a net worth of ten million dollars. You might think this is in direct conflict with the afore mentioned fizzling, but quite to the contrary, nobody gets rich doing something difficult. So I've been playing with fun things, and just remaining watchful for where the ten million is going to come from. I spent most of yesterday generating plots like this:

Ok, so I have a warped sense of fun.

Meanwhile, I added myself to a house-swapping web site, and have interest from a couple of people already, including a flat in Prague, and another in Paris. Though last I heard they were mass-vaccinating everybody in Prague against hepatitis-A following the floods. :P Now if I can just figure out how to get there free...

Say, does anybody know anyone looking for crew? I wonder how many boat hops it would take to get to the Mediterranean from here? Ok, ok, so I'll probably just fly.

Speaking of fragmented journeys, here's an email excerpt recounting this weekend:

Oh, went fine. As expected, I hardly saw Martin himself, since his house was full of people who'd come to see him. It was a very fragmented weekend, but all the transitions went smoothly -- I spent Friday in LA at Reichart*'s company, had a great home-cooked Thai dinner Friday night, drove north Saturday, met my friend Tom at the party in Belmont (Indian buffet; yum!), returned to his house in Palo Alto, took myself to dinner at Mango Cafe (Caribbean food; yum!) while Tom was off elsewhere; slept on his couch which I've slept on many times before; had Sushi for brunch with Aaron, returned to Aaron's house in Sunnyvale (which is closer to Santa Cruz than Tom's), and caught up on Slashdot while waiting for Richard; returned to Richard's in Santa Cruz and spent most of the day walking--a few miles to downtown where we met Catherine for an afternoon snack at the Palomar taco bar (Yum!), then along the cliffs overlooking the ocean, then back to his house, then Richard needed to get some work done so I was on my way out the door again when his daughter Shrea returned and started talking to me in a manner not easy to excuse myself from so I suggested she walk with me a ways and she ended up walking all the way back to downtown w/me, then to a cafe where some wacked out woman eventually invaded our space with a proclamation that she'd come here to sing (not on stage for the cafe, but just from her seat) and as we left she lit up a huge joint from the candle on the table; then we met up with Richard and his girlfriend at Oswald, where Richard and I split a rack of lamb and a scallop dish, after a beet and chevre salad, chased by a chocolate souffle HOT out of the oven and served with a jug of cream equal in volume to the souffle itself (which readily soaked it all up like a sponge; yum!). Then Richard dropped me off at Catherine's and we stayed up late talking about life, digital music tools, the stock market, and good countries to move to. Back to Megacorp in the morning with Richard where I met up with the ol' team, got conscripted into two hours of consulting, met up with Reichart* et al again and had a Thai lunch (yum!), then headed back to LA and then home from there, suffering some amount of junk food along the way to come down from the previous three days of excellent food.

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